Our Working Methodology


We begin with getting to know the client sessions. For doing so, we arrange a meeting with the customer either in person or remotely and discuss their requirements for their desired product. This consultation includes gathering essential data such as target region, age group, ingredients, and other product features.

Our specialists assess the information to research and identify different processes involved in the project and present solutions that are suitable to the client’s requirements.

Sharing Concepts and Recommendations

After initial discussions on acquiring necessary details from the client, our experts provide concepts and recommendations, which also highlight cost feasibility and operational efficacy, including logistics.

Providing a Roadmap

After documenting the requirements, our experts assess the kind of service and solutions that need to be offered and also suggest a methodology to adopt that leads to the expected outcome.

We create a whole roadmap of the project, which includes all the necessary details of how to design, develop, and launch the product in the market, before sharing it with the client.

Presenting Proof of concept

A proof of concept (POC) project allows us to easily evaluate whether or not an idea is worthy of production. A proof of concept allows us to carefully evaluate whether an idea is suitable in terms of cost as well as consumer preferences.

The VAMCO’s experts will conduct various experiments and testing trials, while keeping cost factoring, logistics, sourcing of material etc. in check, to provide the client with a Proof of Concept before proceeding with Batch Testing.

Batch Testing For Market Research

Before a new product reaches the market shelf, it goes through a series of customer evaluations. This includes market research that is essential before putting the sample into the final production stages.

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