Our Products

Our geniuses and experts at THE VAMCO can effortlessly help you prototype and commercialise your product, and magnify its impact leading to a successful product launch. all in an eco-friendly environment.

Product Packaging Design and Manufacture

We can develop your raw idea into an award-winning product with exceptional packaging bound to attract millions.

Premise Design and Building

Our experts carefully plan the layout of the food areas and the equipment according to your business requirements, its size, and location.

New Spices/Soup Recipes

We research, formulate, and launch new spices, keeping food safety standards, quality control, cost, feasibility, and recipe optimization in check.

Non-dairy Beverages

THE VAMCO extends support to businesses in prosperous development of non-dairy based products to clinical trial efficacy.

Non-dairy Cheese and Butter

Using a well-planned strategy combined with meticulous Research & Development, we produce successful non-dairy based market-ready products using consumer-friendly ingredients.

Chips, Tortilla Crisps, Pretzels, Popcorns

We utilize the latest technology, innovative practices, and unique recipes to develop snacks using organic and flavorful ingredients.

New Preserves Development

We use distinct formulations and carefully-selected high-quality ingredients for developing preserves customized according to your specifications.

Snack Bars with Functional Ingredients

Keeping health and nutrition at top priority, we formulate, design, and develop functional snack bars using natural ingredients for all age groups.

Health Drinks

We develop exotic flavored exciting ‘functional’ drinks with fascinating colors and unique textures that are healthy and enticing at the same time.


Baked Goods

From product labeling to flavor, we innovate and formulate healthy baked food options for a growing health-conscious consumer market.

Ready-to-eat Breakfast Cereals

To level up with growing demand for convenience food and growing health consciousness, we assist our clients in developing different nutritious breakfast cereals using healthy ingredients.

Soft Drinks and Spirits

Catering to our clients’ needs, we select ingredients after research and testing trials to develop various types of carbonated and non-carbonated soft and non-alcoholic drinks.

Pastas and Noodles

Regardless of the kind of Pasta and Noodles you desire, we invest the same painstaking efforts, carefully selecting ingredients and evaluating shelf-life to produce a durable and likable product.

Health and Wellness Snacks, Organic Snack Bars, Energy, and Nutrition Bars

For all the health-conscious consumers, the good news is that we never compromise on taste and quality when formulating our healthy, full-of-nutrition, organic energy bars.

Supplements and Instant Powders

Look no further because we have the right formulas within a fully-equipped facility, and the finest experts to formulate Supplements and Instant Powders that you long for.


Food Nutraceuticals Product Development

We can create leading natural health products, dietary food supplements, and nutraceuticals packed in bio-friendly packaging are 100% tried and tested to become an attract instant market success.


New Confectionary Development

With the constant demand, we ensure that our state-of-the-art development techniques and packaging processes enable us to introduce unique flavours to meet standards of our consumers.

Sauces and Dips

Behind the best dips, salsas, and salad sauces is a series of innovative ideas, culinary skills, food safety checklist, and countless trials and tests to ensure you get just what you dreamed of. We know how it’s done!

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